We are home! Yay! God is so good!

Several people I have seen this week that are not on Facebook said that they were wondering if we made it home….we did! I am sorry about that…totally should have posted something on the blog. 🙂

We were able to go to the Embassy on Friday morning and had all of the correct paperwork…well, almost…there were a few more things we had to fill out. They told us to be there by 8 AM…we were there by 7:30 AM…ready to go in. It is an interesting process to even enter the Embassy…we are very grateful for the security measures taken and did not complain.

We had our interview and….only one hour later….we had his visa!!! Praise Jesus! It was one of our shortest waits during our entire stay in Guyana. We were so happy! The consulate at the US Embassy in Guyana is awesome, and we are forever grateful for her.  I could see our Lydia working at a US Embassy one day…

We were so elated when we got back to the hotel…it was a joy to start packing.  We got to celebrate at a yummy Chinese restaurant when Brother Jai (missionary with Celebration of Love) stopped by and took us to lunch. It was so good to see him again. I am so glad that God prompted my heart to go with Brother Jai, Beth and the crew to Guyana in 2011….I would have never imagined that I would be so connected to the country a few years later.

Isaiah said his ‘good-byes’ to the hotel staff that afternoon and to the sweet lady at the gas station that we visited every day for our water. They really got to know us since we were there for two weeks in December and this latest trip. They were so happy for our little guy, and we promised to come back and visit one day.

We also received a sweet visit from the dear family that cared for our son during the two months we had to come back home. They brought Guyanese presents and sweet conversations to us that night. I can not say thank you enough to them for how they cared for our son. He was one sick, fragile, little boy when we left him in their care in December…and when we returned he was much healthier, happy boy…Thank you!! They are extended family now for sure.

After finishing packing and saying our good-byes, we all tried to get a little sleep but that didn’t really happen…we were all ready for the 1:30 AM  knock on the door that told us it was time to head to the airport and leave Guyana this time. On the hour long ride to the airport Isaiah sat on the lap of the daughter of the Pastor and said his good-byes…he is a night owl so being up at that time did not bother him at all. During the ride we just reminisced of all the great things that God had done through out this process…the Pastor reminded me that our little guy’s first birth certificate went to several different villages before it even reached the Pastor’s house….my journal is full of details of how God’s hand was moving…so many details of His guidance. We are so grateful and in awe of His wonder and grace.

We made it to the airport and the plane was there!!! Yay! I did not want another cancelled flight like our first experience here….Although, let me tell you the good that came from the first cancelled flight…we were able to get a voucher because of the  December delay and use it to buy an extra seat on the plane for our little guy. 🙂 We had three seats for an extra $23.00…God is so good!

We were armed with bottles, lollipops and Cheerios so we did okay on our first flight. It was only about 1 hour long so it wasn’t bad. Then we landed in Trinidad and had to go through security, wait and then change planes.  We got on our second flight…buckled in and we were ready to fly. Then we heard the pilot say “Ladies and Gentlemen…Engine Number one had some problems starting…we are going to have to taxi back to the gate…” So here we go…we wait. We were kind of getting used to that so we just decided that there was no reason to worry…we just waited.

Engine One started working and then we were on our way to Miami….Yay! Isaiah was ready to play on the second flight so we were very grateful for the extra seat. He played peek-a-boo with the first class curtain, ate a lot of Cheerios and even slept some during the second flight. We all were very excited to land. God even allowed us to share His story on the plane with some of the flight crew. All in all it was a good trip to Miami.

It felt so good to step off the plane into America…once his feet hit American soil our little guy became an American citizen. I may or may not have been humming…”Oh say can you see…” Ha! After some Homeland Security business and baggage pick-up, we were on our way to our rental car. It was his first time in a car seat so that was an interesting adventure. 🙂

After a couple hours, our first pit-stop was to stop by Beth and Steve’s house. They are the couple who God planted the vision to reach Guyana for Him. It was great to see them! I will be forever grateful to them and their love of Jesus and Guyana. They prayed for us, Isaiah and even his future wife…love them!

We hit the road and introduced Isaiah to Chick-Fil-A. I am not sure he was too impressed, but Ben and I did enjoy the chicken goodness. We decided that a night stop in Jacksonville was the best option for us. We were all pretty tired. So we pulled into the Holiday Inn and….they were having a huge party. It was like 11:00ish at night and the party was just getting started. We laughed and thought about our adventure at the WindJammer with the Jamaican soccer team. We just rolled with it and went to our room. It was such a HUGE blessing to have a hot shower and comfy bed. We started out early the next morning…it was Ben’s bday and we were all ready to be home.


We made it! Home Sweet Home!


It was so great to see Jay and Lydia. They love their new brother so much! It was such a wonderful day!


I know it was one of Ben’s favorite bdays!

So within the first week of being of family of five…Isaiah has been busy…haircut, grocery store, doctor visit, shoe shopping, church, visits from friends, etc. He had an eventful first week in NC. He also celebrated his brother’s eighth birthday and brought Jay’s class some Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I pretty sure we are not doing things like the adoption books tell us to do when you first get home, but we did have 4 weeks with him in a small hotel room so we do not feel too bad about venturing out. It is for our own sanity. 🙂

Image   Image

Jay had a great bday. Much thanks to the Grandparents! We are so grateful for them. I know that over four weeks of grandkid care was not easy. We are so thankful!

Our hearts are so full of gratitude for everyone who had a part of this journey of bringing number five home. We can not say thank you enough for ALL that you guys did. We are still enjoying your kindness through the meals being brought to our house. We are so thankful! Please grant us grace if you see us walking around looking kind of sleepy…we are adjusting to our new normal. 🙂

Thank you all for walking with us through out this journey…we can’t wait for you to meet our little guy in person.

Guess this might be the last entry for a while….we are no longer looking for number five…praise God!

Although we know the real adventure/journey is just now beginning with our little guy…we can’t wait to share with him one day how God is the one who rescues…


With Lots of Love,

The Crawfords




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