His Timing…

Image Yay! On March 14, we received his passport. We were so excited and overjoyed.  Little did we know that March 14th was also the date that our fingerprints expired (yes, apparently fingerprints can expire) for our I-600…more on that later.

Then March 15th happened…

Image We got to help hand out Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes!


The Pastor that kept our little guy for 2 months works with OCC and passes out boxes through out Guyana.  It was so much fun to be on this side of the shoebox ministry.


After we passed out shoeboxes, the church was transformed into a farewell party for our little guy. There was plenty of food and great fellowship.  It was such a kind gesture of their love and generosity. Several church members came and said their good-byes.  A song was even written and performed for him. We were able to video the ceremony so he can enjoy it when he is older and awake (it was a long day…and Ben’s shoulder was a perfect place to take a nap)

photo-9 photo-11

Then we had two more days before our interview at the Embassy.

photo-3  We spent those two days hanging out by the pool at the hotel and talking with some of the guests. Being at the hotel for over a month, we have met several groups passing through from a very LOUD Jamaican soccer team to some Peace Corps volunteers. Each time we meet people at the hotel we are able to share God’s story working in our lives…We also have gotten to know the hotel staff. They have come to love our Isaiah. And we are often told that we are spoiling him…oh well. 🙂 I am going to miss the weather. We hear that some cold weather is still hanging around NC…I am personally not looking forward to that (Ben would not say the same…he likes the cold…weird, I know.)

photo-5 We also got some surprise visits from some new sweet friends. They brought us some yummy treats often.

Then the greatly anticipated date of the 18th was approaching…but not before Ben got really sick the night before. It was a long night. I am 100% sure that I have never seen Ben so sick and 3AM internet diagnosis is never a good thing. All we could do was pray…and then morning came and Ben felt better. Praise God!

We got all of our paperwork together and headed to the Embassy for our 1PM appointment. Everything seemed to be going great and then…it was told to us that our fingerprints for our I-600 (one of the many, many forms you have to fill out in order to bring your adopted child back to the US) had expired on the 14th of March. What?! We were told not to come until the 18th…should we have pushed more and just shown up every day at the Embassy? we asked ourselves… then we thought it was not the time to play the blame game or beat ourselves up over not knowing when exactly our fingerprints expired…it was time to pray and figure out what we needed to do. One thing that we have experienced time and time again here is that there is no one holding your hand telling you exactly what to do next…you have to take many leaps of faith and trust in Him.

So we got our fingerprints taken again for I believe the 3rd time in this whole adoption process. Ironically we were getting paper fingerprints done next to an electronic fingerprint scanner. The USCIS Adoption department would not accept the electronic fingerprints from the US Embassy…oh well. We were told that the last FedEx delivery leaves Guyana at 2PM…and it was 1:50 when we began what seemed like eternity for the fingerprint guy to roll our fingers in ink. It was quite the scene trying to keep Isaiah occupied while we got two sets each of our fingerprints…good times. Then the biometrics specialist looks at us and says, “What address would you like me to put on the envelope?” What?! We don’t know…so we scramble through our mountain of paperwork and find a UCSIS office address in Missouri so we just go with that. We put our birth certificates, home study, etc. into the envelope and rush to the FedEx office. We totally missed the 2PM deadline and there is no overnight package option here. We sent the package, got the tracking number and prayed.

We woke up Wednesday morning and saw that it was shipped on Wednesday morning, and it should arrive on Friday morning. Our ticket to leave Guyana is for 5:45 AM on Saturday. The Embassy told us that it was not looking good if our package did not get there until Friday. Ben called the USCIS office and talked with a kind Officer. She told us that she would look for the package and do the best that she could. She told us that once the prints get there it could be up to three days before they are scanned and processed. Our hearts sank a little…okay they sank a lot.

We decided to get on our knees and pray. We prayed and prayed. We know that God can bend time and that He is above time. So we prayed that He would move…and He did!!! God is so awesome.

Our package got to MO today (Thursday)! It made it into the right hands, and it was quickly scanned and processed. So what should have taken 3 days happened in an afternoon. Praise God!

Also we were able to get our little guy’s 2nd physical exam today (another piece of the puzzle that has to be completed)

photo-7  He only had to get 1 shot. And the doctor was so kind and gentle with him. She is from India originally, and so I was talking to her about how our Lydia loves India, etc. And you know what this doctor did? She gave me several books on India that I can take home to give to Lydia. I can’t wait to tell her about this doctor and give her the books.

We got an email from the Embassy asking if we could come in first thing in the morning (Friday) for a visa interview!!! Yay! They told us that they do not typically do visa interviews on Friday, but that they will let us come in…Thank you, God!

So here we are…tomorrow morning (8AM) we will go in for our visa interview and pray that we can receive his visa by 4:00PM. They told us that they can not promise us that it will happen, but they will try their best.

Please pray that we have all the forms that we need for the interview…and that it will go smoothly. We are praying that we get a visa for Isaiah tomorrow so that we can be on our Saturday morning flight.


photo-12 We will always have a deep love for Guyana and will be back one day. We are so glad that we are no longer looking for number five… we are so ready to bring him home. I miss Jay and Lydia lots!

Thanks again for your prayers!




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