Day 16 of our Guyanese Adventure

Yesterday was a good day here in Guyana. We headed out early in the morning to the Govt. Records Building to start the process for our little guy’s new Guyanese birth certificate. We were told that it should be ready by Monday morning…a lot sooner than the four months we waited for his first birth certificate. We are praying that it does come by Monday. We found out that it will not have his name “Isaiah” on it but it will say “Crawford”…minor detail that we are not going to worry too much about. There is no way we want to send our files back to High Court. We will worry about an official name change when we make it to the States. ūüôā ¬†We also had to get a matter fixed on another certificate while we were there…someone in the records department had written the date 2003 vs. 2013…Praise God I found the mistake before our Embassy interview. Thankfully we were able to fix that problem yesterday.

Image Hard to remember to walk on the left side of the stairs at the Records Bldg.

Next we were off to get a Passport Picture made. He did awesome while getting his picture made. We had a couple hours before we could pick up the picture so we decided to go to the grocery store. It is called Survival Store here. It is always interesting shopping for groceries in another country. The cost of living here is high if you buy the American imports on the shelf. We decided to stick with the basics of diapers, formula and water… knowing that we will be able to enjoy the familiar foods in a few weeks. ¬†(We would be lying if we told you we were not talking and dreaming about our first meals back home and being able to brush our teeth with tap water) But since we are in Guyana we eat spicy, hot food on hot, spicy days.¬†

Image Ben, Pastor Narine, and Raymond enjoying curry chicken. It was SPICY!

Image¬†Isaiah’s first time in a high chair. Funny how I used to get a little stressed about taking our Lydia or Jay out to eat ¬†when they were little because of the wait time…ha! seems kind of silly compared to all of the crazy, long waiting times we have had with this little guy. God has definitely changed our views and strengthened our trust in Him during all of this waiting.

Image During our travels, we were able to deliver some shoeboxes that were sent to Guyana. So cool, right? We hope to on the 15th be able to pass out a few alongside a local church. 

Image¬†He does so great on taxi rides…not sure how he is going to like a car seat in the States.

So now we wait for the call that the birth certificate is ready so that we can apply for his Guyanese Passport…

Please pray that all the forms get finished and correctly written by the time of our Embassy interview. Our interview date is set for the 18th, which only leaves us a few days before our scheduled departure date of 22nd. Please pray that we get approval and a visa for Isaiah by the 22nd. We are trusting that He is in control and that He can move mountains.  We seriously are so thankful for you guys.

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One thought on “Day 16 of our Guyanese Adventure

  1. Sherry Ferguson

    Hi, Jen. I live the picture from today’s post of you and Isaiah – both smiling with joy! Praise The Lord for all He has and will continue to do to bring the adoption and trip home to fruition. You, Ben, Isaiah and Jay & Lydia are in my prayers. And can I just say it is so cool to me to have been with you on our Guyana trip and to watch this whole thing unfold?! Super special. Love you lots.

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