Hurry, wait, hurry, wait, hurry…..

Another “hurry up and wait” kind of day.  Our final court judgement was granted on Thursday, 2/27.  With some clerical work that needed to happen, we ended up getting the final paperwork from that decree this afternoon. YAY!  Between the lawyer calling with the actual papers in her hand, and me hopping in a cab to pick them up, we called the embassy to get an appointment.  They said they would call us back.  During my adventure to law office, then to Child Care and Protection Agency, the embassy called back and asked which of the two dates would work better, March 18 or 20?  “EIGHTEEN or TWENTY?” we thought.  We told them the 18th :).  

In the mean time…

We can get his adoption birth certificate and Guyanese passport,which should put us into the middle of next week.  It’s looking like our plan to come home a little early may not work out as expected.  We’re leaning on Proverbs 19:21…”Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”

Isaiah is growing up before our eyes.  We can see it in the way he is recognizing his new name, leaning toward us when a stranger wants to say hello, and in the way he laughs and cries with us.  We’re thankful that we can spend this dedicated time with him, getting to know him as he gets to know us.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

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