Moving Along in our South American Adventure


Here’s a little bit of what Ben experienced with Pastor Narine and his family last weekend. Ben was able to video many of the family moments for them.




Pastor Narine and his family are still gathering a week later to remember his mother. They participate in Nine Nights…a Caribbean tradition to have family gatherings to celebrate someone who has died.

So Wednesday came and we got a call that the order had made it to the Judge’s desk and he was able to sign it in time for our Adoption Board meeting. Praise God!  Much of our time here has been “hurry up and wait”…and that is what we did on Wednesday.

Image  Ben hurrying up so he can wait for a taxi. 🙂

We had our meeting with Adoption Board, and I believe that it went very well. They asked a lot of questions about our parenting style and inquired about how we are going to teach him about Guyana. I was very nervous, but God totally gave us strength. We left that meeting with their approval! Yay! I seriously could not say ‘thank you’ enough to them.

We went to bed on Wednesday night praying that the Judge would see us and that we could go to the High Court and get his approval.Early Thursday morning we got a call from Child Care and Protection telling us that they need our first order from the court if we want to go to court that afternoon. I am pretty sure I have never seen Ben move so fast. He was able to deliver the order to them in time.

Our lawyer told us to meet her at High Court in the afternoon and then we would be able to see the Judge. We waited three hours (yes, I said three) and then we were allowed to go into his chambers. The Judge granted the adoption!!!! We were so overjoyed! And still are!!!Image

On the way to the Judge’s chambers at High Court.


View outside of the Court.


Praise God for Cheerios and that Isaiah likes them. It was a long wait…but so worth it!


Our hearts are full of thanksgiving. Praise be to Him from whom all blessings flow.

We are now waiting for the official decree from the court. We waited anxiously by the phone today and made several calls to our lawyer asking about the status of the decree. We were told this afternoon that it should come Monday…at the latest Tuesday. So now we wait again…

We need the official decree in order to begin the process of getting a new birth certificate and Guyanese passport for our little guy. We also need the decree so we can begin the process with the US Embassy here in Guyana. We will have to have more medicals done, interviews, forms to fill out and fees to pay. Please pray that we may get the decree soon so that we can start the process with the Embassy soon.


In the meantime, we will just hang with this little guy and love on him.

Thanks for your prayers! We appreciate them so much!


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