Welcome Back to Georgetown

Hi! So I just spent the last hour typing a new post with pictures and all…the power went out, and I lost everything. So this is going to be a non-picture post. I am sorry!

We left Wednesday (19th) from Charlotte, had a wonderful pit stop with the Puckett’s and then headed to Miami. We made it to Guyana on Thursday (20th). Our luggage made it. Yay! Our fun started when I left my book bag on the plane when we landed in Guyana. Did I mention it had all of our adoption papers in it? Praise God that there is usually only one flight landing in Guyana at a time so I was reunited with my book bag without too much trouble. 🙂

We arrived late on Thursday night so we did not see Isaiah on Thursday, but he came (along with all of Pastor Narine’s family) very early on Friday morning. It was so great to see him! I have missed him so! We are forever grateful for Pastor Narine and his family because they took great care of him while we were gone. The sores on his head and feet are healed! He still has a way to go in his development, but he seems much healthier than the last time we were with him. Yay!

It was a blessing that we arrived when we did. Pastor Narine lost his mom earlier in the week and had many things to do with the funeral arrangements, etc. I am glad that the family did not have to worry about Isaiah Rondell’s care during the funeral events. Pastor Narine’s heart is understandably heavy during this time. It is good that God gifted Ben in the tech world because Ben was able to be there for Pastor Narine’s family. Ben was sound/video man for much of the funeral events. Ben spent three full days with Pastor Narine’s family and learned much about Guyanese Indian culture. I am sure he would love to share some stories with you… and pics.

While Ben was eating lots of curry and serving through technology, I got to hang out with our little guy at the hotel. I am so glad that the doors open to the outside. Being in a small hotel room with a toddler is quite the adventure. I can’t say that this is the easiest thing that I have ever done (in fact, this is probably the hardest thing we have done), but God is giving me strength daily.

Isaiah is cruising around while holding onto things and making a few sounds. Yay! We still have a ways to go, but God is good and today has enough worry so we are not worrying about tomorrow.

On Friday we went to the lawyer’s office and the US Embassy. We left both places with some disappointment. Paperwork was not completed at the lawyer’s office, and we were told that we really can’t do anything at the Embassy without our court documents. We were told to come back on Tuesday because Monday all the offices would be closed for a holiday. Happy 44th Republic Day, Guyana.

On Monday, Ben was finally able to spend some time with Isaiah. We celebrated Republic Day by eating peanut butter and nutella sandwiches. Ha! There were many parades and all through out town, but we decided to just hang with our little guy at the hotel.

Today we were supposed to be at the lawyer’s office at 8:30 AM because she was headed to court by 9:45 and we had to sign the papers…so our ride was going to be here at 8:00. Well, 8:00 came and went…we know that Guyanese time is a little different from our fast-paced American lifestyle so we decided to wait. Then 8:30 came and went…so Ben decided to call our ride. We found out that he was very sick and that he said he would be here by 9:00. We decided to find another way to to the lawyer’s office so we called for another cab. We waited a while and then the taxi shows up. Yay! We get in the car and this woman starts yelling to the driver, “give me my car! I want my car, son!” She comes and takes the keys out of the ignition…Ben and I just sit there. I am literally sweating and praying at this moment. Finally he gets the keys, jumps in the car and we take off. Okay, so off to the lawyer’s office we go…but wait, there is another passenger in the car so he gets dropped off first. We make it to the lawyer’s office just as she is leaving to go to court…within seconds. We sign the documents and then there are no staples in the building to put the documents together. We pray…staples come from another building and then our lawyer rushes out the door. We are praying that it went well this morning.

Then we decide to get another taxi to go visit with Child Care and Protection Agency just to make sure everything is set for the meeting on Thursday. We are so glad we went there today because we found out the meeting is tomorrow not Thursday! Oh wow…if we would have missed that meeting we would have to wait until the end of March because they only meet once a month. So tomorrow at 2:15 (1:15 PM eastern) we have a meeting with the Adoption Board. Please pray! I am so nervous!

We also found out that the birth mother is supposed to be at the meeting. We had no idea. Please pray that she will come…she has not seen Isaiah Rondell many times since December. Please pray for her during this time. We just want to do His will. I get so nervous when I am interviewed…all tongue-tied and jittery…please pray for calmness and clarity in speech for us. We are just going into the meeting relying on His strength and not ours. Thank you for your prayers!

We will post more tomorrow (provided we have power).

Much Love! Thank you for your prayers!



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