Happy Love Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day! We rejoiced on Thanksgiving Day when we first got the word to travel to Guyana and now we are rejoicing on Valentine’s Day because we finally got a case number!!! Yay! Our file was delivered to the lawyer’s office yesterday. Praise God! This is one step closer to bringing Isaiah home.

Meanwhile in Indian Trail…

Image We saw The LEGO Movie. It was awesome.

Image Jay got the Christlike Star in Upward Basketball…twice. 🙂 So proud of our dude.

Image  We got to hang with Sir Purr at the stadium for a cousin’s birthday.

Image  The snow started coming down and Snowman Steve was born.

Image  It kept on snowing and snowing…

Image and snowing and snowing…

Image and snowing.

Image So we decided to get out of the house and make a trek for some snacks.

I will admit we have come down with some cabin fever since we have been off our schedules with work and school. We have at least one child praying at night that school will start again…I will let you guess which schedule-loving, book-loving one it is. 🙂 Honestly, I am so glad that schedules have halted, and we got to spend some time together before Ben and I leave for a month. We are by no means perfect, we have our arguments, but we really do like being with one another. Basically we just like one another…

So one of the things we do on Valentine’s Day is write clues for the kids so that they can find their valentines.

We are Crawfords so it involves maps and clues…

Image Image ImageImage

Image Image Happy Valentine’s Day!!

Ben and I leave out on Wednesday to begin our 2nd adventure to Guyana…we are so ready to hold Isaiah in our arms, and I am looking forward to the 80 degree weather. We were told that there is a chance that Isaiah will not be cleared to travel home with us after we are there a month. We are on our knees praying that the paperwork will move through swiftly and that we would find favor among the Guyanese government and the US Embassy. Thank you for joining with us in prayer. I know that I keep saying this, but I am so sure we could not walk this journey alone. You guys are the best! Thank you for your prayers!




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One thought on “Happy Love Day!

  1. Spring Tucker

    This is awesome news. We are praying!

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