Joy And Sorrow

This February is beginning with feelings of joy and sorrow.

We had a beautiful funeral service for my grandmother yesterday. Conversations were filled with sweet memories of Maw Maw Ruby. She was such a strong, independent woman and truly loved Jesus. I am so thankful for her legacy of faith that she left. She lived 95 years on this earth surviving breast cancer, debilitating arthritis and many other hardships. Yet we never heard her complain…she just pressed on until the end. I will miss her, but I am so comforted in the fact that she is with Jesus now.

Image I will never forget all of the Saturdays spent on this farm with Maw Maw and Paw Paw Black.  I truly believe my love for the outdoors began here.

Image We will miss you, Maw Maw. I can’t imagine the pain that my Paw Paw feels right now. I am praying that God will wrap His loving arms around him and comfort him.

During our reminiscing about Maw Maw one of my cousins reminded me of a conversation that we had with Maw Maw several years ago. Ben and I were praying at that time about adoption, but we didn’t really tell anyone about those prayers. And one day Maw Maw said to me and  to others who visited her that I was going to have a baby…I quickly laughed and said, “No, Maw Maw, I am done with babies…Jay is almost 6 years old so we are done. :)” Then she proceeded to tell me that I was going to have a dark-skinned baby…I had totally forgotten about that conversation until now. And here we are today…(and as side note, my dad found a baby changing table last week that appeared in the old chicken house that is on my Paw Paw’s farm…it matches the crib we were given…yeah, I realize that sounds crazy, but we have no idea where this nice changing table/dresser came from…all I have to say is God is good.)

So within the same week that Maw Maw died, we received an email from the Pastor in Guyana. He said that it “looks like there is a final interview on February 27th with the Adoption Board in Guyana…it is time to book your flight” There is joy within sorrow…my mind is honestly in a whirlwind with added peace.

Image  Whirlwind of traffic in Georgetown, Guyana.

Image  Peace in the beautiful countryside of Guyana.

We will begin our journey back to Guyana on February 19th to pick up our son. There is a huge possibility that Ben and I will have to stay in Guyana for four weeks.  We are praying that it doesn’t take that long, but we are trying to prepare Lydia and Jay for that possibility. So we will begin packing and getting things ready to leave.


Hopefully we will get to bring these sweet feet to our home soon. Isaiah will turn 16 months tomorrow. I can not wait to pick him up again. I have missed him so much! Please pray that we will not be held up by bureaucracy and that we will be able to return home with him. Thank you so much! We are so thankful for all that you guys have done for us. We are humbled and grateful. Thank you!


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One thought on “Joy And Sorrow

  1. Theresa Kelley Ewing

    Praying for safe travels for you both! And also that the Lord will clear your path in front of you so there will be no hold ups!

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