Living while Waiting…

So life is taking place here in the Crawford household while we are waiting for Isaiah.

IMG_3552 Here is John Quincy Adams, our 6th president. Did you know he was the first President to have his picture taken? Me neither. We learned so much about him. I love that this girl takes on a school project (or anything that she does) with all her heart. She had a blast being a part of a “wax museum” and saying her speech over 30 times.

IMG_3598 And here is Calvin with his buddy Hobbes. Jay loves a good comic strip. I love this kid and his passion for life.

IMG_3591 Did I mention this guy has a passion for life? He also has a “Mr.Defense” attitude on the court. He will not back down. He gives every second on the court his all.

IMG_3611 Try to tell Jay and Lydia that there is not enough snow to sled down this hill? No way. Ben and I totally get their tenacity and their not-giving-up spirit. We embrace it.

IMG_3616                                    IMG_3612

We will continue to live as we wait.  I will admit that some days are better than others, but I am sure that you feel the same in your life’s circumstances. There are certain things that I find more helpful than others to do during this time. Walk down the baby aisle at Target? No, thanks…I  realize that could trigger some ugly tears.  Listen to songs by Andrew Peterson, Sara Groves and J.J.Heller? Yes, although their songs can trigger  ugly tears, they also have uplifted my spirits on some pretty dark days.  As I have said before, a common theme that God has reminded me of through out these 2 years is that darkness can not overtake light. While traveling to Guyana,  I was reading God Is Able (Priscilla Shirer), and in the book she gave an example of  light bursting through darkness. She was on a long overnight flight to South Africa and as they were crossing the ocean, light broke through at 3:48 AM. It caused many of the passengers to awake from their  deep slumber. Her point was that “even the darkest hours of the night have a bright side.” She said, “I guess the way you see that hour just depends on the perspective you have when taking it in.” I had read that section during the flight over to Guyana. In December we arrived in Guyana late at night, rode about an hour with someone we had just met to an unfamiliar city/hotel…it was dark. We went to sleep that night thinking about meeting our son the next day and the darkness surrounding his circumstances. And guess what happened? In the dark of that night, the lights to the room all of the sudden came on. They were so bright. I woke up quickly…and I was kind of scared. I looked around and found my watch, 3:48 is what it said. Yes, 3:48, just like in the book I had read earlier that day.  I was filled with peace. I felt His presence all around me. He was there in the darkness. I am so thankful for a God that cares about the details of our lives.

His hand has been upon us through out this entire journey. He is so good. We are praying that our file is completed soon, and that it can be delivered to the lawyer. We long for the day that we can travel back to Guyana for him. I have no idea why it takes so long to get a signature or why things like this linger, but I do know that He is control. We are not going to be afraid of bad news, our hearts will be firm in trusting in Him. (Psalm 112:7)

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One thought on “Living while Waiting…

  1. Wow. I will never look at 3:48 the same again 🙂 I am so inspired by your journey. I can’t wait to see what the “more than we can ask or imagine” looks like in your lives!

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