Considering the joy…

Usually our blog is full of smiling pics and everyone just having a good time. I have no interest in being a gloomy person. You know the one that sucks all of your energy away because they are so negative? No thanks. But I was convicted on my walk (which I totally need to do more often) that I do need to be real.

This past week we got stuck in a corn maze, y’all. It was hot. There was no map. In case you don’t know, the name Crawford actually means “map-loving people”.  We walked around that thing for over a hour looking for these four stations about corn. Oh Texture, you keep my 7 year old up at night because we never found you.

Image Image Image Image

We did celebrate some family b-days, which were joyful events. I can’t believe my baby sister is 30. I remember sharing a room with her and her mountain of stuffed animals. Now she is making a positive impact on 3rd graders and her own sweet (wild) child…so proud!  And how can I not be thankful for my mom and the legacy of faith that she is leaving? I want to be the kind of mom she was and is. Happy b-day, Jana and Mom!

Image                              Image

This past week I started back with my substitute teacher gig. Nothing too exciting to report about experiences there except bathroom accidents (#1 and #2) on the playground with Kindergarteners are always an adventure. Ugh. But I do love being around kids…it is fun to be in a Kindergarten class one day singing and the next day teaching 5th grade math.

Speaking of school, Jay and Lydia picked up some lovely school germs. We are thankful though that we live in a place that we can get antibiotics for them. Ben and I have been places that medicine is not fully accessible and kids die over preventable diseases. It stinks that your child doesn’t feel good in the middle of the night, but when you step back and look at the big picture…we are thankful that we can get medicine for them.

So after picking up the prescriptions for Jay and Lydia, the kids and I were going to swing through Chick-Fil-A for dinner that night. There was a long wait at the pharmacy so we were ready to sit in Hwy.74 traffic, pick up chicken and then go home. And then… bam! Somebody hit the Camry…bummer. The back end was smashed, but we were okay. So after exchanging insurance info., crying and just being done with Thursday, the kids and I still drove the beat up Camry through the drive-thru @ Chick and received a “my pleasure” as we drove away.

Probably the most difficult thing that happened in these past few weeks is the news that we heard that the 4 year old little boy that we have been praying for to become a Crawford is not looking like he is meant to be in our family. We will continue to pray for this little guy. In the midst of the sadness of hearing that news, we also are praying through another situation in Guyana. Honestly we just want to do what He wants us to do. This orphan/widow care is a hard and messy place to go…but He did not call us to have neatly packaged lives so are considering the joy in the middle of the messy.


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One thought on “Considering the joy…

  1. I’m sorry for the challenging and sad things that you’ve experienced recently. But I’m thankful for your trust that God IS working in His wisest ways. Thanks for being real and sharing your story with us. May God give you perseverance and patience today as you press on with Him.

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