It is a thing that we all, I suspect, are doing right now in our lives. In the carpool line, grocery store, kids’ practices, dinner, that crazy traffic-filled road (for us, it would be Old Monroe), doctor/dentist appointments, etc. You get the picture. I guess all of us find ourselves waiting for something whether big or small. Patience is a tricky thing sometimes. I have heard it said before that we should make haste slowly. And in a very elementary search over Scriptures I found that the word “wait” exists in over half of the books of the Bible. I counted it in 36 books…so I am guessing I should pay attention to patience and the fruit of the Spirit. Some days it is easy to wait, but some days it is not. We are all learning lessons in patience.

Image    Image

We decided to move Lydia into a new room…and she had to wait for the paint to dry.

ImageJay is currently waiting for the day when he can happily eat chicken with his front teeth.


And around the third week in August we all were waiting for some structure and the first day of school. August 26th was a happy day for all. 🙂

ImageImageThis fall we decided to not be waiting on the sidelines watching  Jay or Lydia play soccer or whatever. We decided to use our Saturdays to escape and hike as a family. We will be back cheering on them as they play…but we just need a break. And so far, we don’t regret that decision. We all really like being outside, hiking and just hanging out with one another. We are not perfect…we also like our time a part (refer back to the joy felt on Aug.26th…Back to School day)

Probably the biggest lesson of patience in my life has been with this whole adoption process. We are waiting on that call when we can fly down to Guyana and begin the adoption process there. It is not an easy wait, but we pray that we may be of good courage, and He promises to strengthened our hearts…we want to wait on the Lord.

ImageHere’s a piece of pottery Lydia made this summer. She talked about how hard it was to wait for the clay to dry and to be fired in the kiln. She wanted to paint it so badly. I am reminded that He is the patient Potter and I am the clay. I pray that our family may be shaped in the way that He wants it…may we have patience as we wait.

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