Been a while…

Since our last post, we….


Played in some snow.


Rode in a little plane in Waxhaw.


Stood under a slightly larger aircraft in Washington, D.C.


Appreciated freedom.

IMG_2786  IMG_2788

Laughed with some dear friends.


Said “goodnight” to a wonderful city.

IMG_2973  IMG_2979

Celebrated some births (Ben, Jay and Lydia), Played some soccer (notice the intense game face on this dude) and Welcomed summer in with a joyful watermelon smile.

IMG_3028  IMG_3032

Made a pit stop in Savannah.


Realized that Florida is appropriately named…The Sunshine State.


Met up with family, Played on beautiful beaches, Saw lots of  dolphins and Explored the Gulf Coast.

IMG_3116  IMG_3121

Made our way back to NC with an added stop on Tybee Island. Climbed to the top. (I think they were glad when we reached the bottom.)


Made some wonderful memories.

And now July is here. We truly hoped that we would be boarding an airplane to pick our third child during this summer, but we honestly do not know when that may be. We do know that we have to live in the now and make memories today. We are fervently praying that God will direct our paths and lead us to the child that He wants to add to our family. Jay and Lydia literally pray daily for a certain 4 year old boy in Guyana who may be eligible for adoption. So in the meantime, we put our trust in Him and lean on Him for understanding. Thanks for being on this journey with us…your prayers and support really do mean so much.

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One thought on “Been a while…

  1. Spring Tucker

    Hi! I love seeing these pictures of your family. We’ve been gone from church for three weeks and are anxious to get back. What you said about the importance of living in the now and making memories spoke to me right when I needed to hear it. Thanks for those words of wisdom. Love you! J

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