A Few of Crawford’s Favs and Not-So-Favs


“Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens….” so now that I have gotten that song stuck in your head I will fill you in of some of the Crawford’s Favs and Not-so-Favs that have happened since the last post.

1. Fav. (Jenn) I got this awesome necklace (pictured above) from Lydia. It is from the Giving Keys…a place that employs those who are looking to transition out of homelessness. Basically the point is when you get this key, you must give it away at some point to a person you feel needs the message on there. Cool, right?  I really needed this message this Christmas…hope that we may be united with our 3rd child soon. Then I anticipate when this season of my life is over I will be able to pass this necklace to someone else when the Spirit prompts me.

2. Fav. (Ben) Someone from Guyana joined his parents’ church, and he was there! For those who know Ben’s line of work- a Sunday away from Carmel is a rare thing so for Ben and Lydia (Jay and I were at Urgent Care getting meds…more on that later) to be at Hayes Barton to meet this Guyanese sister in Christ was nothing short of a God thing.

3. Not-So-Fav (Everyone)  Sickness at Christmas. Ugh. Missing the Santa pic, Christmas Eve service and a yummy dinner at Grandmommie’s was not in the plan this year. But Ben with his immune system of steel held down the fort….he really is a great husband/father/friend and knows how to get a girl a diet coke at just the right time.

4. Fav. (Jay) cheering on the Pack to victory at a NCState b-ball game with GranDad. He loved the game and was very intense while watching it. He was captivated. Go Pack!


5. Fav (Lydia) seeing the Shotwell kids and Collins’ boys at our annual New Year’s Eve celebration and getting to stay up super late. I am pretty sure she was determined to be the last child asleep…when she sets her mind on something she will pursue it with great passion. I can not wait to see what God is going to do with our “God Girl” (she LOVES that Jamie Grace song…). No pics from New Year’s Eve…our camera broke…guess that would be a Not-so-Fav thing.

Image6. Fav. (Jenn) I got a substitute teaching gig. God has taken me all over Union County… I probably could write a blog entry simply on my adventures as a substitute teacher. From having a bird poop on me right before subbing at a high school to being the target of flying fruit and wet paper towels mixed in with sweet hugs, shy smiles and pictures drawn for me God is teaching me so much.

7. Fav. All of our paperwork has been sent off for adoption pre-approval (some we had to send twice because the govt. said that they didn’t get it the first time….our word vs. theirs…they won). And now we wait, pray and then wait some more.  We pray that we may wait for the LORD and that we may be strong and take heart and wait for Him.(Psalm27:14)


This is as close as we have to a family pic this Christmas. There is not a single picture where we are all together in it…well, at least not one I am going to publish. Remember we were sick and a picture of all of us coughing is not too attractive….also please know that those are lasers coming at you from Jay (aka Luke Skywalker). 


Blessings and Happy Late Christmas You All!

















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