Change can happen quickly like the weather…one week Jay, Lydia and the entire Indian Trail Elementary school were sweating during two fun filled field days. (As a side note, I had parachute duty on both days, and I am pretty sure I embarrassed our 3rd grader displaying my skills with the parachute… but who can not get pumped up about making a parachute mountain and then letting the kids climb on it?!)


And then the next week, it was freezing so a crime-fighting Batman and a happy witch were cold while trading candy with neighbors. Well, really I was the only one cold…Lydia and Jay inherited their temperature comfort level from Ben. (the cape Jay is wearing is one Ben’s mom made for Ben to go trick-or-treating as a kid)


Or change can happen slowly like a child gradually growing 3 inches taller in one year thus Jay appearing to be Chris Farley in “Tommy Boy” (“Big Guy in Little Coat”) when he put on his (it was a little big last year thought it would be fine this year) winter coat.

The point is change is going to happen and you can not always stop it. It is hard to believe that we changed our address almost 2 years ago. Some days it feels like we have lived in the Trail for a long time and then other days it feels like we just moved here. I will admit sometimes I just want to go back to familiar places and faces of Winston, but I know that this is where He wants us now and I find total comfort in that fact. And I am so glad that I can do this thing called life with my best friend.


One of the reasons why I feel that God may have lead us here was that we could be introduced to the beautiful South American country of Guyana. Which leads me to an adoption process update…

So in August we received word that our mt. of paperwork made it to our adoption agency but our first payment had not…now this is one of those checks that you know that you know that you put it in the adoption packet. I mean we literally laid hands on the paperwork and check before putting a stamp on the packet so we know that we put it in there. The agency really did not have an explanation for us, but thought that we could just stop payment on the check and then pay online or write another check. So we thought that maybe it was just a bump in the road and we needed to just try again and pay online this time.  We were all set to do that and then I checked my email….

On that same day that we heard about the lost check I got an email from a very godly lady from our church who I went to Guyana with in the summer 2011. She said something to the effect of “I know that you guys are far along in your Colombian adoption, but I just wanted to let you know that there might be a chance that Guyana may be an option for you.” I got the whole sweaty palms, heart racing…could this be why our check never made it to the agency feeling. I mean I sing “He can move a mountain…” so why don’t I believe that He could move a check?

Then we got down on our knees and just started praying….and then just fell face flat crying out to Him. Days seems like weeks….discussing should we change from Colombia to Guyana? Is it even possible? And the agency that we were working with for Colombia prayed for us too. They just wanted us to follow Him and seek where He would have us go.

In the middle of this season of prayer I was asked to speak about my Guyanese trip that happened in 2011 to my Sunday community group at church…so I began looking at my pictures from over a year ago to prepare for my “talk” and was reminded of the call to adopt that I heard when I was there. But I knew that Ben had never been to Guyana, and I did not want to make this decision all about me. We prayed, discussed, prayed and then prayed/discussed some more….Jay and Lydia were probably sick of the talk of “Colombia vs. Guyana”….I know Ben and I were.

We began our home study (huge chunk of interviews, life ?s, every bit of personal info. and documents one could think of done by a local agency) and we still hadn’t decided between Colombia and Guyana. And then we both came to the same conclusion….and decided to change and go with Guyana. Our home study was almost done and we told the local agency that we would like Guyana to be written as our country of choice.

So after weeks of prayer we said “good-bye” to an awesome national adoption agency (absolutely love them) and said “hello” to a private adoption. We now hold our home study in our hands and are mailing our I-600A (govt. form to get pre-approved to bring an orphan as defined by our govt. to the US) soon. All the above mentioned forms are good for 18 months so that is our timeline….that is all we know.

During this time we are praying and would ask you to join us in praying that our son or daughter may be located soon. We are so thankful for the prayers and words of encouragement spoken to us. We have had several  yard sales, product sales and donation checks written to us, and we are so thankful. We are still several thousands away from what is needed, but He has provided our daily bread and for that we are thankful.

In the meantime I will be spending most of my time with two crazy kids who fervently pray for their new brother or sister and are looking 4 number five.


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One thought on “Change

  1. Greg and Larissa Kramer

    Have you completed your Guyanese adoption? We brought home (private adoption) a sister and Brother sibling set in May of 2012. We are not Guyanese.

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