I Love Trash Day!


Okay, I admit it….I honestly love Trash Pick-Up Day. It is weird, but I find much satisfaction in rolling the bin out to the curb every week. And as an added bonus the fine town of Indian Trail just gave us brand new trash and recycling bins (yes, I realize that we, through tax dollars, paid for the bins but this is not a political blog). As I was admiring my neatly stacked trash in my new IT trash bin, the thought occurred to me that it is still just trash sitting out on the curb. I don’t get bonus points because my trash is pretty and not flowing over like my neighbors. Trash is trash no matter how it is packaged. Just like sin in our lives. We have “all sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Father, may I realize that only You can rid the sin  in my life, and may I not be so proud of my neatly packaged trash.

While we are on the subject of cleaning and getting rid of clutter, we just had a yard sale to raise money to help out with the adoption process…God is so good. We didn’t put an ad in the paper and our sign fell over the day before for who knows how long, but yet we had a steady, I mean steady, stream of stranger traffic from 6:15 AM(yeah,it was early) until 12. Lydia and Jay even had an awesome lemonade stand. I am sorry we don’t have pictures of the day, but we were just slammed with a steady flow of people and really had no time to take a pic. It was a good day…to God be the glory for what He did last Saturday.

We are still walking through this adoption process on our knees. We are in the middle of our home study and filling out tons of paperwork. Some decisions have to be made within the next few weeks, we would absolutely covet your prayers. We are praying for wisdom, discernment and direction. We will keep you posted, for sure.

Meanwhile, school and soccer have started. Go Broncos and Lady Cheetas!

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One thought on “I Love Trash Day!

  1. gwenny

    Jenn, I too absolutely love trash day! There is satisfaction in knowing that my filth is being taken away. I always feel sorry for our trash people because we are known for putting dead squirrels, fish guts, and raw chicken in our trashcan……you can take the girl outta Ranlo, but you can’t take Ranlo outta the girl;) Have a good week, Jenn. We love you guys!

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