Family Beach Time


Highlights from our time @ the beach:

*House full of family…13 were there. We missed Uncle Rob!

*Loads of laundry,sand, laughter and food. I am pretty sure I ate my limit of Nutella.

*Rainy Morning=Aquarium Day! Aquarium Day=Learning so much about Jellies. Yeah, they used to be called Jelly Fish, but we were informed to now refer to them as Jellies so we won’t think that they are fish. Mad props to the lady who lead the program on Jellies…my head is full of Jelly knowledge now.  Jay and Lydia even got to be a part of the presentation. Did you know that there is a Jelly that can be up to 8 ft. wide and like 100ft. long? The Lion Jelly…crazy, right? Much more facts, but I will not share them all just in case I am playing a Trivia game against you someday.

*Lots of wave action…numerous wipe outs.

*Best Diet Coke ever on the pier after pulling Gracie for 2 miles on the beach in wagon that kept getting stuck in the surf.

* No Channel Surfing at night… NBC and Olympic Fever…awesome to watch it with our kids….let’s them see that competition is not a bad thing and that there is a bigger world around them beyond what they can see.

*Speaking of healthy competition, I almost beat Ben in a fierce game of mini golf. I blame the 4 stroke difference on the fact that I REALLY jammed my big toe. Ouch! It not only affected my mini golf game, but also my ability to steady myself in the ocean. Did I mention wipe outs? I had plenty!

*Ben took Jay to Fort Fisher and the Civil War Museum. Jay said in his very grown up radio broadcaster voice (while watching a very lengthy war film documentary), “You know, Daddy….I really love this stuff.” Lydia and I decided that the beach was more our thing on that day. She loves the sand and doesn’t mind it all over her. 🙂

All in all it was a fabulous trip and a great time to get away with the family. Being with both of my sisters at the same time is a very rare thing, so I LOVED talking and laughing with them. Jay and Lydia loved their time spent with cousins….we are praying that another cousin will be a part of the mix soon. We can’t wait to take our new child to the beach. ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

One more thing….I was reminded that God’s way/plan is always the best for us even though it may not appear that way on the surface. The Spirit gently reminded me of this when I watched my two year old niece get distracted by a puddle of water. It was a nice size puddle just before the walkway to the beach. She LOVED splashing in it and from her vantage point it was the only water around so she was having a blast splashing in it. We watched as she played in the puddle and then Jana said, “Come on Gracie…there is something I want you to see….even more water…” So reluctantly Gracie took her mom’s hand and was led up the walkway toward the ocean. Gracie’s eyes lit up when she saw the big puddle. She said, “The beach! The beach!” and starting heading for the waves with pure delight. I thought, “Wow…I am like that sometimes with God. I stay in a puddle and splash around, which is not a bad thing, but oh to take His hand that He may lead me to an ocean. I pray that I may not be satisfied with puddles in my life. I want to dive in….take me to the ocean, Father and show me Your Glory.


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